November 13th, 2013


Have you sustained serious injuries as a result of a car accident? Then you are probably facing mounting medical bills, therapy and other life-changing sets of circumstances. Perhaps you are unable to return to work and need money to live. You should definitely hire a team of Arizona personal injury lawyers who can help you get the compensation you need.

A great team of Arizona personal injury attorneys to consider hiring are those who work at Knapp & Roberts. This law firm has been helping people through the trauma which follows serious personal injuries since the early 1990s. When you give these Arizona personal injury lawyers a call, you will realize that you are speaking to compassionate and knowledgeable attorneys who truly care and whom can convey to others just how seriously your injuries have affected your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Knapp & Roberts is a highly reputable law firm that has assisted injured people and their families get the justice they deserve following life-altering car accidents. When you put your trust in this team of Arizona personal injury attorneys, you will receive the best available legal counsel ・which is exactly what you need. This law firm has the experience and knowledge needed to help you pick up the pieces of your life so that you can begin enjoying it just as you did before you were injured.

Gorges Grant Hotel – One of the Finest Ogunquit Hotels

September 13th, 2013


Are you starting to decide which Ogunquit hotels to consider staying in? Then you definitely need to take a look at the Gorges Grant Hotel because it’s one of the finest of them all. There are a lot of different Ogunquit hotels out there considering the fact that Ogunquit is beautiful seaside town in Maine which attracts a lot of tourists. It does not matter if you are looking to save money or wish to be pampered like royalty, there’s sure to be an Ogunquit hotel just for you.

The Gorges Grant Hotel is highly regarded and rated very well. If you are doubtful, run its name in Google because by doing so, you can read what past guests have to say as well as what some of the leading travel websites think. The Gorges Grant Hotel is a modern, upscale establishment that sits amid some amazing Maine scenery by the ocean. This hotel offers many luxuries and is the ideal place to stay if you want to be surrounded by the best and treated like royalty.

If the Gorges Grant Hotel is not to your liking, look around online for other Ogunquit hotels. It does not matter if you will be traveling alone or with family members and your dog, there’s no doubt that you will find an Ogunquit hotel to stay in that meets and even exceeds all your needs.

Favorite Electric Guitar

August 18th, 2013



Gibson 1961 Les Paul SG Guitars: Gibson experienced a huge fall in electric guitar sales mainly because of their high prices and huge competition from Fender’s equivalent but much lighter double-cutaway design in 1960 on The Stratocaster Guitar. Gibson then made changes to the infamous guitar line. The 1961 guitar was thinner and much lighter than the previous guitars, with two sharply pointed cut-aways and vibrato system. Nevertheless, the revamp was done without Les Paul’s knowledge…ooops. The musician saw the guitar, he gasped, and he asked Gibson to remove his name from the guitar and he said goodbye to Gibson. Even though this separation happened in 1960, Gibson had a huge stock of Les Paul logos and truss rod covers, and so they continued to use the Les Paul name until about 1963. That is when the SG guitar’s name was finally altered to SG, which stands for Solid Guitar. Plus the SG line, Gibson continued to issue the less expensive Les Paul Jr’s and Les Paul Specials (and the Melody Makers) with the newer body style. These were the standard Gibson electric models until the reintroduction of the Les Paul Standard Goldtop and the Les Paul Custom guitars to the market in 1968.


Gibson Les Paul Recording Guitar: This guitar is often shunned by guitar purists who consider it to be too full of gadgets and buttons. The Recording features low-impedance pickups, many switches and buttons, and a highly specialized cable for impedance-matching to the amplifier. Less noticeable changes included, pool maintenance south carolina  but were not limited to, maple fingerboards (1976), pickup cavity shielding, and the crossover of the ABR1 Tune-o-matic bridge into the modern day Nashville Tune-o-matic bridge.