Tourism Places to Visit in Lombok

There are many amazing places to visit in Lombok. Lombok is known among international tourist as the second Bali. In fact, Lombok still much more natural compared to Bali, as this city is clean from pollution, and has many popular tourism sites. Like Bali, Lombok is also popular with its beaches which are very clean, attractive, have cool breeze, and similar to world paradise. However, Lombok is not only have beaches as its tourism sites, but there are other like Mount Rinjani and Lake SegaraAnak, which have more than one color. In this article, we will give you extraordinary places to visit in Lombok. Most of these places aren’t yet popular, but have its own charm.

  1. Penyisok Beach

The combination of stretching savannas stretching green, unlimited blue Indian Ocean, and rocky cliffs of golden layers make you seem to be in heaven on earth. This hidden paradise can be found in Jerowaru District which is famous for the enchanting charm of a million tourists. To get here you have to go through corn fields and steep rocks. But all these efforts immediately paid off so see the natural splendor that lies behind it. Because it is difficult to achieve, this place is still not much visited by tourists, so the condition is still classified as a virgin. To get here should use a motorcycle and do not hesitate to ask the local residents.

  1. Pergasingan Hill

Rice fields and colorful residents’ gardens surrounded by high rows of mountains, plus a very striking blue sky are soothing to the eye. From this place you can even see the splendor of Mount Rinjani. Located at an altitude of 1,670 meters above sea level or about 673 meters from the plains of Sembalun, the Mount of Passion can be climbed for 2 – 2.5 hours and is often used as a training ground before climbing Mount Rinjani.

  1. MangkuSakti Waterfall

The charm of its waterfall is that the structure and formation of the rocks in this waterfall is really impressive. The unique formation resembling the canyon is naturally formed due to the continuous stream of water passing through it. The watershed water in SegaraAnak Lake (Mount Rinjani) looks a bit turbid like milk because the sulfur content is believed to be effective in curing various skin disorders. This waterfall located in Sembalun district, East Lombok.

  1. Bangkang Cave

This cave is very similar with cave spot at Indiana Jones movie. Located in Kuta, Pujut district, central Lombok, this hundreds years old cave is rarely known by tourists. Cave Bangkang or also known as Goa Gale-gale is home to thousands of bats. So the best time to visit this cave is before sunset so you can watch thousands of bats flapping their wings and flocking to fly away from the cave.

Those are some other charming places to visit in Lombok. Besides beaches, Lombok have many other natural tourist attract, which is suitable for capturing moment and still very beautiful. There are some other gorgeous places like Tebing beach, which look alike Grand Canyon; Aan Cape; SelongBelanak Beach, and also known as Teletubbies Hill, and so on.

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